Eoin Pinaqui.

I am an ambitious and hardworking second year Computer Science student interested in programming and software development.
I have a proven academic ability and work ethic that I take with me into every aspect of my professional life.
My passions lie in technology and leadership.

Projects that I'm proud of

Connect Four.
NetSoc Webspaces

I am currently part of a team which is creating a web based application that allows Dublin University Internet Society members to interact with the containers that their personal websites are hosted on.

A screenshot from my TCD News project.
TCD News - Social News Aggregator

As the major component to my Programming Project 1 module, I project managed and programmed this social news aggregator, capable of browsing over 4GB of HackerNews stories and comments. This project was written in the Processing (Java) IDE. I received a grade of 89% on this project.

A screenshot from my TCD News project.
Open Flow Implentation

I received 105% on my implementation of the Open Flow routing protocol with extra credit. This project allows users to send messages across a network of Open Flow switches and uses Dijkstra’s Algorithm to determine the shortest path between routers and endpoints.

A picture depicting digital communication.
Command and Control Assignment

I wrote a program that allows a user to send work through a Command and Control server to a Broker, which will distribute the work out to a number of workers. The program works for any number of workers that are connected to the network. The workers are able to volunteer for work and will print the messages that are sent to it by the Broker.

Cartoon Calculator.
Postfix and Infix Calculator

I wrote a simple calculator program in C to teach myself about pointers and how they work, as well as to familiarise myself with Ubuntu and the Linux operating system. This calculator implements both infix and postfix functionality.

The Reply Coding Challenge Logo.
Reply Coding Challenge

I led a team of three programmers in the Reply Coding Challenge 2019, where we came 256th out of 2859 teams. This was a great experience to apply the programming concepts that we had learned in first year in a competitive environment. I enjoyed my participation in this competition immensely.

Connect Four.
Connect Four Game

I programmed a Connect Four game with a simple computer player as part of my Introduction to Computing 2 module. I received a grade of 99% on this project.

The DUCCS Logo.
Dublin University Computer Science Society Programming Competition

I came 5th in the DUCCS first-year programming competition in Trinity College Dublin. This was my first experience of competitive programming and participating in this competition really ignited my passion for coding.

Studies and scholarships

Trinity College Dublin.
Integrated Computer Science 2018-2022

Studying Computer Science in Trinity College Dublin has allowed me to marry my passion for mathematics, technology and innovation.

I was awarded the Book Prize for my first year exam results.

First Year Grade: 1.1 (86% Overall) - 3.98 / 4.00 GPA equivalent

Me receiving my scholarship.
Naughton Foundation Scholarship 2018

I was chosen as one of 36 students nationwide for the Naughton Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship programme was established to promote the study of engineering, science and technology at third level in Ireland by awarding scholarships to exceptional STEM students every year.

I received this scholarship because my Leaving Certificate results placed me in the top 0.01% of students in Ireland in 2018 (Seven H1s in seven subjects).

Professional experience

Wexford County Council.
IT Intern - Wexford County Council

I spent my Summer after my first year in college working as an IT intern in Wexford County council. Here is a list of some of the things I accomplished in my time as an IT intern:

  • Protected over 700 machines from security threats such as the BlueKeep vulnerability using Solarwinds Patch Manager to manage the automated patch management process.
  • Set up the ManageEngine Desktop Central system by installing agents on and configuring over 400 machines.
  • Updated over 100 computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Enterprise by creating and deploying images to different departments.
  • Worked as IT support for the entire Council, where I logged issues in departmental spreadsheets and provided solutions to general IT problems.

Trinity College Dublin Students Union.
Class Representative - 2nd Year Computer Science 2019/2020

I was elected as a Class Representative for Second Year Computer Science this September and I have been working with the Students Union to improve the facilities that are available to my class. Here is a list of things that I have done so far as a Class Representative:

  • Organised a Scholarship Information Evening for all second-year students in the School of Computer Science and Statistics.
  • Been elected to a position on the STEM Ball organisation committee.
  • Attended and spoken at Student Union Council and EMS Faculty Assembly.

Topper Sailing.
Sailing Instructor

For two Summers, I worked as a Sailing Instructor in Wexford Harbour Boat and Tennis Club. Here is some of the things that I did as a Sailing Instructor:

  • Lead teams as the Level Head on 4 training courses.
  • Organised 6 successful day trips.
  • Instructed over 50 trainees with a 90% pass rate.
  • Instructed Start Sailing, Basic Skills, Improving Skills and Advanced Boat Handling.
  • Completed Child Safety and First Aid courses with distinction.

Danone Nutricia logo.
Transition Year Work Experience

In my fourth year of secondary school, I spent two weeks obtaining professional work experience in Wexford General Hospital and Danone Nutricia.

I spent the majority of my time observing doctors and lab workers as they performed their regular duties. I learned a lot from my time in work experience, but ultimately I decided not to go down these avenues in college.

Important skills I possess

Cartoon depicting technology.

Here are some of the technical skills that I pride myself on:

  • Object Oriented Programming using Java and C++.
  • Using Algorithms and Data Structures to solve problems creatively.
  • Implementing solutions to problems using Arm Assembly Language Programming.
  • Designing Information Systems using UML Diagrams, XML and Jquery.
  • Network programming for digital communication problems.
  • Using Github and Subversion to collaborate on projects in programming teams.
  • Using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap for front-end web development.
  • Manipulating and analysing analogue and digital signals using Matlab.
  • Critical thinking, problem solving and mathematical skills.

Me at Euroscola.

Here is a list of my leadership experience:

  • Class Representative of Second Year Computer Science 2019/2020.
  • Winner of the All-Ireland Rotary Youth Leadership Development Competition 2017.
  • Irish Youth Delegate in the European Parliament at a Euroscola event.
  • Elected Spokesperson for Climate Action and the Environment at said Euroscola event.
  • Level Head as a Sailing Instructor.
  • Team Leader of three programmers in Reply Coding Challenge 2019.
  • Team Leader and Project Manager in Information Management 1, Computers and Society and Programming Project 1 modules in Trinity College Dublin.
  • Student of the Year nominee in my final year of Secondary School.

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